About Me

Randy Yang, M. Ed.

Learning Design Lead & Strategist

What I Do:

I am a Learning Design Lead / Strategist, and my work spans the entire spectrum of human learning  architecture.

To phrase it in a parable:
If L&D programs are like a building, I'd be the architect facilitating its entire completion, including concept, blueprints, construction, and even interiors.  

My proficiency in both human learning and technologies allow me to achieve:
- Successful Training Program Delivery and Followup
- Positive Culture of Growth Mindset
- Audience Engagement
- Productivity
- Quality

Why I Do It

I love helping people thrive and succeed.
Moreover, I value integrity and genuine, substantial growth.
Because my field lets me do all of the above, I challenge myself daily to continuously improve and make a bigger difference.

Whom I Serve

My audience can be:
- Internal (e.g. Staff, Learners, etc.) or
- External (e.g. Customers, Outside Audience, etc.)

My Work Includes

- E-Learning, with Interactive Features
- Learning Architecture
- Curriculum Design
- Engagement Strategies
- Presentation Design
- L&D Consultation (e.g., Micro-Learning, Design Thinking, Processes, etc.)
- And More!

What Makes Me Special:

I strategically apply:
- Technologies (e.g. Tools, LMS, etc.)
- Human Learning (e.g., Design Principles, Learning Theories, etc.)
- Organizational Strategies (e.g. Agile, ROI, etc.)
- UX/CX (e.g., User Behaviors, Motivation, etc.)

Together, they achieve the "RESULTS" below.


- Learning Success and Engagement
- Compliance/Audit Success (e.g., ISO, FDA CFR, etc.)
- Process Optimization (Saving more than 50% of project lead time)
- Productivity Increase (Saving more than 50% of training time)
- Diversity & Inclusion Success
- Process Upgrade and Continuous Improvement


I usually work with a team to consult leaders/stakeholders regarding organizational objectives.
Then, through learning-related strategies, achieve those objectives.
I have experiences in the following industries: software/app, production, finance, medical device, and K12.


Click the 2 tabs below:
Corporate Training
K12 Education
Below is a list of my accomplishments and the related organizations.
Compliance Leader - UL:
Successfully administered UL compliance training to comply with standards associated with Quality Management Systems Training.
For Organization: Applied Medical
Compliance Leader - FDA:
Successfully create and administer FDA-compliant staff training and provide ongoing support.
For Organization: Applied Medical
Inclusive Design Leader:
Pioneer the first disability-inclusive training design for internal staff training, featuring ADA and 508 standards.
For Organizations: Applied Medical and Capital Group
Learning Design Process Builder:
Successfully build and implement the first technical training design process for software systems.
For Organization: Applied Medical
Assist cross-functional teams to develop their own learning design processes by providing the initial blueprint and design logic, featuring proven design principles and methodology.
For Organization: Capital Group
Below are some of my accomplishments in the K12 Education.


“[Student] loves your Mandarin class. He would come home and tell me what he learned in your class today.“ -Parent

" [Student] loves coming to your classroom. She feels safe.“ -Parent of a Girl Dealing with School Bullies

“My son trusts you. I feel that you can still get through to him.“ -Parent of a Boy Struggling with School


"His distinct creativity and excellent communication made collaborating with Randy an opportunity that I personally always looked forward to and sought out.“-Joshua K.

"Does an excellent job of making complex scientific concepts easily understood.“-Lauren L.

"An enthusiastic and conscientious teacher who differentiates his instruction according to the needs of his students.  Mr. Yang will be an asset to any institution he joins.“-Shehnaz K.

School Leadership

"Mr. Yang is a self-motivated and caring individual that has impacted the lives of our students." -Julie B., Assist. Principle

"Mr. Yang was a guest lecturer in our Advanced Placement Biology class, and helped the instructor improve the curriculum for that course throughout the spring semester." -Jesse C., Principal

"Talking with students in the office they have always told me that they like his class." -Efren M., Counselor

Letters from Students

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